A revelation letter to all Devadiga Sanga of Karnataka!

A revelation letter to all Devadiga Sanga of Karnataka!

The Devadiga is a Hindu individual who dwells in southwest India. Their names come from phrases that imply, “servant of a god.” As their identity suggests, the standard occupation of the Devadiga has to help brahmins in temples as helpers and musicians. The Devadiga clear and preserve the temples. The Devadiga have also be identified for a particular sort of people dance they carry out.

Right this moment most Devadiga has concerned with agriculture. They have developed rice, wheat, lentils, greens, sugarcane, and coconuts on their very own and generally others’ land.

The first languages of the Devadiga are Tulu, Goan Konkani, and Kannada. The Devadiga has demanded for a few years that Tulu be given a nationwide language standing and for the state of Tulu Nadu have to be fashioned.

Devadigas are the temple bells. Those that play the God of the Temple can’t do the deeds without the Devadiga’s. Is not it simply slogans we hear from dignitaries with earbuds in some stage ceremonies?.

Listening to this, the social minds of our group have excited. In actuality, although, our ancestors have making temples within the temples for hundreds of years. And the usual of residing of those that serve them could be very excessive. Do our individuals who have to champion non-secular charitable endowments from inside and inside shrines for a few years get medical advantages?. And the place does these unorganized employees get after they’ve exhausted?. Devadiga guilds, which were born for Devadiga’s prosperity have to fret quite a bit.

It’s our private impression that it’s futile if the authority of the associations is secured to the chariot of life within the temple which is the center of the individuals.

The coordinator of the event should know firsthand that it isn’t valuable for the gathering to be bound to commendation basically by calling the Muzarai serve at a get-together.

The Devadiga Sangha and society have united within the development of temples lately. One of many chariot-making of Polya, in addition to the presiding officers and pastoralists within the unions, has to do with the best of those unorganized laborers within the temple.

Our concern is that when the unions meet on the Vyasasthasthana assembly at our society’s temple in Barkur. We must always have a dialogue on this and struggle for giving these unorganized employees a hopeful mild. For this, all political events within the society, from our personal village panchayat members, should cooperate with the mayor and take the step ahead for the following era.



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