“Alluopstova Program”: Attempt to make Barkur a tourist destination. Jayamala

Attempt to make Barkur a tourist destination. Jayamala
Minister of State for Women and Child Development, Empowerment of Persons and Senior Citizens, Dr. Dakshinamoorthy said that all efforts have made in the State.
Jayamala said. Government to make Barkur the capital of the royal family, for more than 1000 years.

She has inaugurated the event on Friday at the Nandarayana Fort in Barkur in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, Department of Tourism, Kannada and Cultural Affairs, and Horticulture.

It is necessary to remember the great people who have contributed to the history, art, and culture of the state and the royal family. With the aim of informing today’s generation about the great kings of Alluopstova, who have contributed to the development of the unique art culture of the region.

Attempt to make Barkur a tourist destination. Jayamala

The Barakur history has recreated through the Voice of Light program. And the development of Barakoor as a tourist destination to attract more visitors. Said Jayamala.

Vidhan Parishad opposition leader Kota Srinivasa Poojari said, “This celebration of introversion, which for the first time introduces the history of governance, is going to be has planned every year, by studying more about the fort, basis, and temples of Barkur.

District Panchayat President Dinakara Babu, Vice President Sheila Shetty, and Udupi TMP Chairperson Nalini Pradeep Rao, G.P. Member Myermadi Sudhakar Shetty, Barkur Gr. Chairperson Shailaja D’Souza, Yaddadi Gp. President Prakash Shetty, G.P. CEO Sindhu B Rupesh, Superintendent of Education Vidyakumari, Chandrashekhar, Assistant Director of Kannada and Culture, Bharkur Principal Dr. Bharati Guruji. World Happy Coastal Tourism Organization President Manohar Shetty, Barkoor Shantaram Shetty, and others were also present.

Anita, assistant director of the tourism department, spoke. District Collector Priyanka Marie Francis has welcomed. Dr. Kapoor is the Assistant Director of Youth Empowerment and Sports. Roshan Kumar Shetty has saluted. Presented by Ganesh Prasad Bangalore.

The Heritage Walk has held by various cultural groups, from the throne of Barkur to the podium.



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