Demand for Devadiga Development Corporation; Meeting in the presence of Barkur Ekanatheshwari temple.

Demand for Devadiga Development Corporation
The Devadiga community has heard a strong cry for the formation of the Devadiga Development Corporation Board.

A comprehensive discussion has held on Sunday at the Sri Ekanatheswari Temple in Barkur, Udupi district. In the presence of the officials of the Devadiga Sanga’s of the state and leaders of Devadiga society.

The meeting has attended by representatives of 65 different Devadiga Sanga’s including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Kadam Dubai. Many have expressed their opinion. It has been suggested that it is advisable to prepare data by conducting surveys of Devadiga families within the respective Sangh.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Temple Management Committee of Sri Ekanatheswari Temple, Dr. Devaraj Devadiga Kankanady.

The Devadiga community has left with few people. The Devadiga Sanga, in any case, has denied adding to the flourishing of the network because of the monetary mishap. The success of the general public is conceivable if the public authority gets uphold.

All the opinions of today’s meeting have collected and appealed to the chief ministers. He said all Devadiga Sangha should fight for the prosperity of the community in this regard.

Demand for Devadiga Development Corporation

Temple Vishwasth and Chief Convener Hiriyadka Mohandas said that:

The Devadiga community is far behind economically even though it culturally has advanced. There is a lack of education from the financial problem, even though the organization academically has advanced. It is unfortunate that the Devadiga community is very rare among those has involved in politics and government services. Devadiga Development Corporation has established at present. Sagar Devadiga Sangha had earlier taken a decision on this corporation. Attempts on this had made a couple of years ago but not yet. Let us step out of the temple of Sri Ekanatheswari through organizational and collective leadership. He has called for the development of the Devadiga community.

A draft petition has filed for B.S. Yeddyurappa state chief minister. The next day, it has discussed that the Chief Ministers should go through the delegation and appeal to them and make recommendations to the government through MLAs, MPs, MPs, and Ministers. Mass worship has performed to Sri Ekanatheswari Devi.

The President of Barkur Shri Ekanatheshwari Temple Annyya Sherigar, General Secretary Narasimha Devadiga, Managing Committee Hon Secretary Ganesh Devadiga, Allure Raghurama Devadiga, President Janardhana Devadiga are present at this program.

-Report by Yogesh Kumbhasi


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