India Mahadeva Temple, built by Britishers in India.

India Mahadeva Temple, built by Britishers in India.
When the British call the believers, ‘O Parameswara!

Mahadeva Temple is one of the most popular shrines of Agar in the Shahjapur district of Madhya Pradesh. The surprise is…

The man who built it has a Christian officer named Martin, who served as a lieutenant colonel in the British Army!

The most exciting episode behind it is:

In 1879, Martin has on the battlefield in Afghanistan. His wife has in Madhya Pradesh. He has communicated his well-being to his wife. Lady Martin became worried when the letters suddenly stopped coming.

As she has walking towards the Baijnath Mahadeva temple, she has attracted to the sound of chanting and conch-jaggers that has once heard. She curiously has gone into the temple and stood. The priests who were worshiping there noticed that she has worried and asked for the reason.

Woman Martin stated, “My husband has gone to battle. There was no message from him for several days. Did something happen to him? ”

The priests have comforted the situation and said, “Believe in Lord Shiva and pray. He will surely be saved from hardship.” She did not know what to pray for and how to do it.

She has performed the eleventh day in diligence. On the eleventh day, a letter came from the Martins. “The Pathan’s has encircled us from all sides. There were no escaping opportunities. There was a certainty.

He was a man with a long sleeve, a trident in his hand, a leather garment, a dazzling personality. Pathan’s fled the battlefield in fear as he grabbed the trident in his hand.
We won the battle. !!

“When I had saluted Yogi, he has thrilled.
“I came here to secure you as a result of your significant other’s petitions, “In the letter.

Lady Martins burst into tears of joy as she read the paper. Her heart was full.
He has worshiped the idol of Lord Shiva in his home.

Martin came back in a few weeks.
# Omnamashivaya ‘Five-Mantra chanted chant.

Since then, the couple has become a devotee of Lord Shiva.

In 1883 he has paid fifteen thousand rupees and rebuilt the temple.
Details of the event have inscribed on an inscription in the temple.
The only Hindu temple built by the British, who have ruled India is still there.

What is God?
What about devotees?
If you called god, has he say no?



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