Devadiga Akshaya Kirana Seva Foundation, Celebrates two years.

Devadiga Akshaya Kirana Seva Foundation
What was born on human birth?
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On March 25, this year, a two-year celebration of ‘Devadiga Akshay Kirana, which was born from the original intention of believing that the service of the Supreme Society. The service of the Devadigars, is the service of God, is always the service of society. The fact that it was a two-year walk has indeed an exciting experience. A few years ago when a religious forum has deemed necessary for the Devadiga society, it came into operation two years ago in Barakur with the cooperation of the entire Devadiga society.

But then some progressive thinkers of the society saw that the religious system had something to do with it. 

In the Dakshina Kannada district, about 59 Devadiga families, who have been provided with the services of “Tanu Mana”, with no congregation services, have gone to their houses for Rs. 10 lakh. Has been rendered subsidiary service.

Devadigars in the town of Udupi District Hospital, Ajjarakadu, and Mangalore Venlak Hospital are working with the best service providers. In Sastana, for the past 16 years, a brainstorming girl who has been lying in bed for months has come to the attention of the members of the unit, who have been medically responsive and have been paying NR 2000 / – monthly for the past one and a half years.

The girl’s elder sister, who has lost her father’s mother’s care, has managed to bring her family to the mainstream of society by making her a three-year course worth about Rs 1.5 lakh. In addition, the service providers have been successful in offering Katapady student Rs. 99,000 / – for a three-year course and Rs. On the other hand, a serviceman who rushed to help her helpless family in Kathipalla, Krishnapura, Suratkal, struggled with life for her ailing husband and toddler.

This is the time of Sri. Bharat Kumar Devadigas Dubai, Dr. The sweetest angels is Saudi Arabia. Sri. Mahabala Devadigas is a businessman in Delhi. Sri. Raveesh Devadigas Nasika Hotel Entrepreneur, Sri. Vinayaka Devadiguru Beharine, and Sri. Sathish Devadigars Beharine, and Sri. Vishwanath Devadigar Panvel Hotel Businessman is the backbone of the business, which has always been the backbone of the society, which means that it is not exaggerated.

Service debt is indebted to service providers:

Shri. Shankar Devadiga Scheme of Service Providers, Sri. Mahali O Devadiga Byndoor, Sri. Raghavendra Devadiga Teachers Byndoor, Sri. Mohan Sharikar Shirisi. Sri. Rama Devadiga Deputy Principals Hattiyangadi, Sri. Purushottam Das Uppunda, Sri Jagadish Devadiga Konkan Railway, Sri. Mohan Devadiga Konkan Railway, Sri. Nagachandra Devadiga Konkan Railway, Sri. Madhukara Devadiga Konkana Railway, Sri. Nagendra Deva Sree Konkan Railway, Sri. Shekhar Devadiga Konkan Railway, Sri. Babu Devadiga Konkana Railway, Sri. Annappa Devadiga Konkan Railway, Sri. Chandra Devadiga Naickanakkatte, Sri. Abhishek Devadiga Aloor, Sri. Raja Devadiga Gangadoli.

Shri. Nagaraja Devadiga, Sri. Raghavendra Devadiga Pallikoni, Shri. Kumari Anita Devadiga Koteshwara, Shri. Narayana Devadiga Dubey Koteshwara, Shri. Girish Devadiga Kota, Sri. Sathish Devadigaru Saxophonists Saligrama, Shri. Sathish Devadiga Karkada, Shri. Mahendra Devadiga, Shri. Mahendra Devadiga, Saxophonists KG Road, Mrs. Leelavathi Devadiga Udupi, Shri Narayana Rava Hosala, Shri. Mahesh Devadiga Pavanje, Shri. Rickesha Shriyan, Shri. Santosha Devadiga Mangalore, Shri. Rama Devadiga Belgaum, Shri. Ranjitha Devadiga Bangalore, Smt. Rajni Devadiga Baroda.

Smt. Umavati Devadiga Borivali, Shri. Sundaram Mowai Sri. Devadiga Mumbai, Sri. Ashoka Devadiga Mumbai, Shri. Nagaraja Tallanje, Shri. Ramachandra Devadiga Shankara Narayana, Shri. Shekhar Devadiga Shankaranarayana, Shri. Shekhar Devadiga, Head Constable Hebri, Shri. Sathish Devadiga Inspectors Kota, Shri. Kumar Dev Prashant Devadiga Byndoor, Smt. Bharti Nittekar Mumbai, Shri. Suresh Devadiga Thokur, Mrs. Usha Devadiga Brahmavara, Smt. Parvati Eshwara Mumbai, Smt. Purnima Devadiga Mumbai, Smt. Prabhavati Devadiga Mookai, Shri. Lalit Devadiga Baragarya, Shri. Lalit Devadiga Bengaluru, Shri.Dayanand Devadiga Mumbai, Shri. Parameshwara Devadiga Mumbai, Shri. Harish Devadiga Powai.

Shri. Sridhar Devadiga Salt O, Shri. Raghavendra Devadiga Konkan Railway, Shri. Nagaraja Devadiga Fort, Shri. Subramanya Devadiga Koteshwara, Kumari. Swathi Devadiga Koteshwara, Kumari. Shruti Devadiga Mumbai, Shri. Harishchandra Devadigai, Shri Ganesh Devasi , Shri Nagesh Devadiga Udyavar, Shri Keshava Moily Dadar and Shri Ganesha Sherikar, Shri Prashanth Devadiga Kamote, Shri Sachin Moily Kharghar, Shri Nagaraja Devadiga Badagiri Jaddu.

Shri Ramesh Devadiga Saxophonists Das Gujran Bhandupa, Shri. Vithala Devadiga Andheri, Shri. Srinath Karmaran, Shri. Lokayya Devadiga, Shri. Prasanth Devadiga Kamote, Shri. Praveen Dharmasthala is stepping into the creation of an enlightened society through their Tanu-Mana-dhana.

Elderly Shri. Sadashiva Moily Dadar, Shri. Sadashiva Moily Pilgrimage, Shri. Bhoja Devadiga and Shri. Narendra Sharikar has been providing guidance from time to time. In addition to continuous donations, service providers celebrate their wedding anniversary with a small number of medical donations on their and their children’s birthdays Their heartbeat is evidenced by their birth.

Devadikas who wish to join hands with Devadiga Akshaya Kirana Seva Foundation can contact the following believers.
8310228805, 9820302849


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